What are the types of Tote betting? To tell the truth, there are a lot of them but the majority of players know only the most important ones.

So, first of all we should note that today the majority of totes give the possibility to make bets on football but there are also some options of hockey, basketball, volleyball betting which create new types of tote betting. Let us speak about the most important ones, because it is impossible to highlight everything.

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The most popular type is the bet on outcome, which is marked as 1X2. 1 and 2 โ€“ the victory of hosts and guests and X โ€“ draw. So, you will have to bet on an outcome of a number of matches (as a rule, 10-15). The winner is the player who has guessed the largest possible number of outcomes. Why are these totes so popular? The reason is that the bet made on an outcome is the most important and some people use only this kind of bet. It is possible to divide this type into two subtypes with the possibility to choose one or several outcome variants.

The other type of tote betting is the bet made on true score. This is very old and also very important way of betting. It is necessary to guess even several true results out of 8-10 matches. This kind of tote is very difficult to predict but has huge jack-pot.

What are the other types? For example, total betting. You are proposed a list of matches and the task is to predict either the true number of goals or just to note that their number is higher or lower than the definite number (total over and total under). Depending on the kind of sport, it could be not only a goal, but also shot or blow or something else. It is also interesting to take part in such a tote.


In the end, the managers can add additional bets and conditions to standard tote betting systems in order to make the process more interesting.