There are many kinds of holidays that you can go on. Lonely Planet Publications can provide you with magazines, guidebooks for all sorts of destinations. They can show you the ins and outs of every holiday destination, city, country or other places that you can visit. Whether you stay in Europe or go all the way to America, Australia or New Zealand, each travel destination has enough to offer. But what kind of holidays are the best choice? Which holiday company should arrange your vacation? Which destinations can you choose from? What kind of different holidays are there? And which holiday type is the best option for you? Some of these questions are questions that only you can answer. After all, your idea of a perfect holiday is pretty personal. But maybe we can tell you a bit more about the travels you can go on and the trips you can take.


Last Minute Offers To the Sun
It might be a little late, but maybe you mentally slap yourself for not booking that holiday to Florida, Greece or Turkey when you had the chance. White Spanish beaches and blue oceans seem to call you whenever you look at a travel brochure. You might feel the urge to dust off your diving gear and scuba gear and try on your now swim shorts or bathing suit. Fortunately for you, there are people who have to cancel their holiday at the very last minute. Travel agencies and hotels often offer last minute discounts to fill those empty rooms. That means you might be able to go on holiday after all. You’ll just have to keep in mind that your choice is limited.


Cruise Travels
Summer is the ideal time to go on a cruise holiday. You board a cruise ship and let that ship sail you to all kinds of beautiful destinations. You’ll have your own room and various cruise ships offer facilities such as swimming pools, cinemas, spas, bars, restaurants and more. While you’re enjoying yourself, the ship will bring you to nice harbour cities and other places where you can go on an excursion.


Winter Sports Holiday
But there is a chance you already had enough sun for the rest of the year. Maybe the sun, beaches and water aren’t your things. Maybe ice, snow and cold are more your element. Then, you can consider booking your winter sports holiday before all chalets are full. Most chalets are located right next to a ski piste so you can grab your skis and slide down the snowy mountain as fast as you can. You can also go snowboarding. And, of course, the après ski will be waiting when you get back in the evening.



City Trip
Another nice way to spend your holiday is to go on a city trip. There are many cities that are worth exploring such as London, Paris, Barcelona, New York, Krakau, Athens, Amsterdam, Sydney, San Francisco, Tokyo, Las Vegas, Rome, Venice and lots of others. Each city has its own unique tourist attractions that you must see before you come back home.


Holidays in the UK
And of course, you don’t have to leave the country in order to have a good time. You can also rent a small cottage in the countryside and go walking, biking and exploring.