Beagles are a breed of dogs that loves to please their owners, hence house training a beagle is easy as compared to training dogs of other breeds. But still, House training a beagle is very challenging and you need to be persistent and consistent in order to house train your beagle.

However there are certain things that shall be in place when you are looking to house train your beagle. Below are the 5 Points that needs to be looked upon before starting to House train your beagle.


1. A Fixed Area


A lot of Beagle owners just open the back door and allow their dogs to run freely in a big area. He is allowed to roam anywhere in that area. But true training is not the one in which a dog will poop in the same area where he play around.


To get Success, you need to choose a designated bathroom area that should be small and that should be at some distance from the spots that are used by family members or small children.



2. A Supervision Method


When you are at home, you should keep one eye on your beagle. Its very common for a beagle to hide from their owners and when they come out of their hideplace, you will find a puddle of pee.



Whenever a puppy urinates indoors, he takes a step in wrong direction, hence you would want to monitor your dog closely when you are at home.One of the methods that are suggested is to tie your dog with a leash of around 6 feet and its other corner to your hand.



This way you can supervise his actions as he would not be able to go too far away. He won’t be able to hide in any corner to poop.



To Tether your beagle to you, you will need these 2 things:-


1. A Harness


It’s recommended to tie your beagle on a harness instead of a collar as collars can cause neck injury.



2. A 6 Foot Soft Handled Leash

Ensure that the leash has a soft handle as it would avoid any kind of injury to you and your beagle as well.


3. Training Treat Rewards

Dogs perform much better when they have some kind of motivation to train. Dogs take action very quickly when they know that upon performing that action, they would receive some kind of a treat.


Treats must be given in 3 to 5 seconds after your beagle performs the desired action. Treats used can be small pieces of boiled chicken.

Treats shall not be something that your beagle needs to sit and chew, it should be readily available and eatable.



4. Brain Training


Playing tricky games with your dog which would strengthen and make your beagle intelligent in the long run is very helpful as well. Brain training helps in building an image of a ‘pack leader’ in your dog’s brain. Adrienne Farricelli’s Brain Training for dogs is very helpful in this area. You can Read its Review here