If you think that the bet on the match of the Champions League is a elementary thing then you are mistaken. This is not true, as the predictions on the Champions league for today or tomorrow are built by dozens, hundreds and even thousands of people.

While making betting tips on the Champions League you have to try and figure out in details the whole possible information, regarding the starting lineup. Here it is very important to bear in mind the information about the injuries of the players, sending-offs and the periods of rehabilitation.

While analyzing the match of the Champions League, you should take into consideration the way the club is spending its home championship. Very often, it is possible to trace the team’s mood, which can effect greatly on the outcome of the important meeting. For example, if the team doesn’t demonstrate good result in frames of the national championship, then it can also show bad result at the European level. Or, poor results in frames of the home championship can mean that the club has decided to focus on the Champions league.

Don’t forget also about the factor of the tiredness of the football players in case of the long series of matches. The less the coach uses rotations of the starting lineup, the higher the opportunity of unpredictable defeats in the Champions League (or the national championship) is.

When you want to create Champions League betting tips on a certain team, you have to pay attention on the character of the match: home or away match. A lot of grandees of the world football prefer to play at home arenas. For example, Turkish fans are considered to be very inimical hosts.


Always analyze statistics of the team in general and of certain players in particular. In this case, you will be able to make successful bets and predictions on statistics (corners, yellow cards, goal possession, offsides, fouls) in the Champions League.

Pay attention on the number of experienced football players in the team. The more the number is, the lower is the possibility that the team will lose. It is very important to bear this fact in mind, while making Champions League bets.


Of course, it is important to look at a head coach and the tactics that he uses. The ability of the coach to motivate the players and to bring their ideas into life becomes the most important for the Champions League successful performance.